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By Nadia Akther

Why you need WordPress: 

Nowadays WordPress is the most popular open-source.  And the most important thing is it’s totally free. You can make any kind of Website For your business or self uses.  

  • Business Website 
  • Multivendor Website 
  • Blog 
  • E-learning website 
  • E-commerce Website 

And so on. Also, WordPress is User-friendly. 

So, what is the thing for? Start it Today. 


What is XAMPP: 

XAMPP is a software package that comes with everything you’ll need to set up a local server on your PC. 

To establish a local WordPress site, you’ll need to install web server software (Apache), PHP, and MySQL on your PC. 

To run a WordPress site, you will need both PHP and MySQL. And it’s difficult to Install them spearplay that’s why we use XAMPP.XAMPP makes it simple to create WordPress websites on your local machine. 

Installing XAMPP: 

Simply visit and click on Download to see all the available versions.

Now it’s time to choose your desire version and simply click on Download. 

After downloading XAMPP Click on Next now it’s time for setup. 

Now make sure you select phpMyAdmin and MySQL components. After that click on the Next button. 

Now Carefully choose a folder to Install XAMPP and click on the Next button. 

After that XAMPP will ask you to choose a language. Then click on the Next button. 

 When you are done with your language you will find a new step ”Bitnami for XAMPP”. This option will help you to install Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and many other popular open-source apps then simply click on the Next button.

Now the wait is over. XAMPP is ready to install. Keep clicking on the Next button. 

And finally, here is your last step to install XAMPP. check the “start the control panel now” option and then click on the finish button. 

This will open the XAMPP control panel application. You may use the XAMPP software to run Apache as your local server and MySQL as your database server. Now click on the start button next to Apache and MySQL.

Apache and MySQL will now be started by XAMPP. You may receive a Windows firewall notice. You have to click on the “Allow Access” button. 

Your localhost is fully ready to create a website and install WordPress using XAMPP. 

WordPress Installation and setup:  

Now we are going to Download WordPress. Simply visit and then click on Download. 

Now you need to Extract the WordPress Zip file and copy it. 

When you are done with downloading WordPress. Go to your local disc(C), Where you already installed the XAMPP. 

After that Go to your XAMPP folder then the htdocs folder which is inside the XAMPP folder. Then create a new folder (I named the folder “Test”). 

After creating a new folder paste the WordPress folder inside it which you are copying before. 

Now visit http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ and create your database. 

Click on Database and provide a name for your new database. After that, click on the ‘Create’ button to continue. 

After that, go to Privileges, click on the “Go” button, and click on “Add new User account”.  

If you changed the name of the WordPress folder, replace “Test” with the name of your new folder. 

 Fill up all the fields now. 

Next, open your browser and enter the following   URL http://localhost/Test/wordpress/wp-admin/setup-config.php and click on Continue. 

Click on the Let’s go button. 

Now you have to provide your databaseusername, the password you created earlier. And then click on Submit button.

And your Waiting is over. You are a little far from your website. Click on “Run the installation”. 

WordPress will then ask you for details about your website in the following stage. To begin, enter the title you wish to use for this website. 

Then, for your admin account, you must provide a usernamepassword, and email address. 

Once you’ve completed all of the fields, click the ‘Install WordPress‘ button to proceed. And in the next step clicks on the “Log in” button. 

Now Provide your Login information and click on “Log in”. 

Here is your Website Dashboard. 

Now you are ready to start your website.  

First of all, you need to install a theme. To do that Visit your Wp-admin, you will find an option “Appearance” hover on this you will find another option “Theme”. Then click on Add new and search your desire theme and click on Activate.

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How to install WordPress on localhost using XAMPP