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By Nadia Akther

You can use a plugin for creating a child theme. I am using the “Child Theme Generator” plugin. To install this plugin you have to follow the below steps. 

Step 1: 

Firstly, you must visit your Wp-admin Dashboard then “plugin” and now click on the “Add new” button. 


Step 2: 

Write the plugin’s name on the Search box. When you will find the plugin click on the “Install” button and then press “Activate”. 

Step 3: 

After activating the plugin, simply visit “Setting” and then click on “Child Theme Gen”. 

Now fill up the information fields. Select your parent theme. Put a child theme name on the heading field. Make sure it is easy to remember. Then put a description, Autor Name, and your website URL.

Step 4: 

Now your wait is over. Make sure you enable the “Active child theme” and then hit the “Finished” button. 


Simply, go to Appearance and then theme. Your child theme is ready.